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Your safety comes first when it comes to commuting in your vehicle. This is why it is wise that you invest in keeping your car sturdy. There are various parts in your car which are highly vulnerable and can crack or break easily. Mending them on time is vital for your vehicle as well as you. Any wrong dent can be hazardous to your life if ignored. It is wise that you choose to invest in the best for your car and this is how you can safely keep it for long.

The windshield is one of the parts which can easily take damage. It can get cracked or chipped due to several reasons and reduce your visibility of the road. With this, the cracks can get bigger over time and pose threat to you as they can break easily. The best way to mend them is by going for windshield replacement. It is important to invest in it right away as this glass installed in your vehicle helps in keeping the wind, small particles and air at bay. It also keeps the vision clear helping you drive safely.

When you drive around with a damaged windshield, it puts you and your fellow passengers in danger. You could even be jeopardizing the safety of pedestrians. In some states, driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield is prohibited and penalized by law. It is in your best interests to get windshield replacement service in Maine as soon as possible.

In order to identify hairline cracks or chips, you will want to be sure your windshield is super clean:

Why you should replace your windshield if it is cracked or chipped

Safety: A windshield is an important safety component. Like a seat belt, it can prevent you and your passengers from getting injured by the broken pieces of glass.

Resale: If you are thinking of selling your vehicle, it would be a good idea to replace the damaged windshield and that will get you better offers as well. Plus, the vehicle will look much better if it has no damaged parts.

Structural problems: When you are in a vehicle, the windshield protects you from the hot and cold weather, dust and other flying debris such as insects and small rocks. Additionally, it provides your vehicle an aerodynamic shape by having a slanting design and letting it cut through the air. This can make the car travel faster and more energy-efficient. Also, while traveling at high speeds, the windshield must be strong enough to absorb the pressure on it. This is one of the most important reasons for keeping your windshield damage-free and also replacing it as soon as it shows the smallest sign of a crack.

Cost: It usually costs more to replace your windshield than to repair it. But even numerous repairs cannot fix certain types of windshield damages. In the end, it makes more sense to opt for a single windshield replacement that will save you more money than lots of repairs.

Types of windshield damages


chip in windshieldThey are small grooves or notches in the glass. Though they do not spread on their own, a change in temperature or a flexing of the vehicle in a pothole can increase the number of chips in the glass. If they are not fixed as soon as they appear, a windshield replacement may become necessary and should not be ignored.


These can appear as straight or curved lines in the glass that show throughout the windshield. They can stretch along the entire length of the windshield or just in one area of the glass. They tend to grow really fast and the only solution is windshield replacement.

Star breaks

They stretch out as long cracks from a focal point. Prolonged driving can increase the damage, and this can be extremely dangerous.

Bulls’ eyes

They are round fractures and cracks that can look similar to circles that are concentric. Even though these damages can be repaired, they will not disappear totally. They should be taken care of, or else they can stretch to further damage the windshield. If they appear in the driver’s line of vision, there can be no other way than to go in for windshield replacement.

These types of damages cannot be repaired completely. To ensure that you have a safe journey, it is better to get a Windshield replacement done. When you are getting your windshield replaced, make sure you entrust your vehicle to a well-known and reputed service center.

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